Friday, March 12, 2010

Missing my library system

One of the joys of being on a YALSA selection committee, of course, is that publishers send you books.  Boxes and boxes and boxes of them.  One of the unfortunate things about moving is: you keep having to change your address.  Which is why I had my books sent to my parents' house in this time of transition between Chicago --> California --> ??.  Now that I know I'll be moving to the Boston area soon, it's a relief that my books are already going to Massachusetts.  But it also means that while I'm in California, my books are 2,000+ miles away.

Which means I've been going to the library a lot.  While Marin county is indeed a gorgeous place to spend your winter, it's sort of lacking in its library system.  Going from a huuuuuge library system like the Metropolitan Library System to MARINet is, well, a let-down.  I went from being able to get almost any book I wanted (that was released) in a matter of days, to patiently waiting weeks for books that have already been out for a month, or in the case of Melina Marchetta's Finnikin of the Rock, more than a month!  As of two days ago when I last checked (system appears to be down at the moment), not one library in the system owned this book.  Meanwhile, there are 16 copies in the MLS system.  Back in Massachusetts, 40+ books (and more every day, it seems) are piling up, just waiting to be read.

So, I've been making many trips a week to the local library to pick up my requests.  Up next:

ARCS/newly released titles that I can't wait to read (but are sadly back in Mass.):

For the Win by Cory Doctorow
Spotting for Nellie by Pamela Lowell
The Line by Terri Hall
and the aforementioned Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta

Time to read!

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